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Portable Micro calibration baths

The Kambic design team has been working on enhancing our portable offering. The small compact bath with metrology performance is in final stages of verification and test.

 Portable calibration baths – metrology performance:

  • Conventional compressor-based refrigeration system
  • Uniformity and stability in mK range
  • Calibrate sensors in fluid
  • Fluid ensures perfect heat transfer
  • Unique vertical flow design
  • Take it anywhere

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Calibration climatic chamber K3-125 DFA

A premium alternative to humidity generators – we have extended our product offering with a 112 L chamber dedicated to calibration of environmental sensors & loggers.

Some dedicated highlights / features / specifications:

  • Superior temperature & humidity control and uniformity
  • Convenient– Side Access for Cables & Probes
  • World-class metrology performance
  • Mixed flow humidity control
  • Temperature range: – 5 °C…+ 60 °C
  • Relative humidity range: 5 %… 95 %
  • Temperature stability: better than ± 0.08 °C full range
  • Temperature uniformity better than ± 0.4 °C full range
  • Relative humidity stability: better than ± 0.5 % full range

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Non Contact Thermometer Calibrator

Based on feedback from users and existing in-house knowledge, we have developed an ideal tool to calibrate and verify ear as well as body surface thermometers.

The unit has all the know Kambic performance features as a bech top calibration bath an option to fit a single black body (dedicated for the ear or dedicated for the body surface) or a dual black body (dedicated to both ear and body surface).

Some dedicated highlights / features

  • Blackbody cavity with emissivity higher than 0.99 in a calibration fluid bath
  • Metrological uniformity and stability in mK range
  • Ready-to-fit reference PRT or SPRT for monitoring fluid stability
  • Temperature range: 30 ºC … 130 ºC (0 ºC … 130 ºC when connected to a circulating cooler)
  • Various standard and tailored blackbody cavity shapes available
  • Ready to run in bench top design

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19’’ server rack units

Temperature range: + 15 °C …+ 35 °C
19-inch server rack size with rack kit for 19″ installation included
Access for cables via two section upper cover
Uniformity and stability in mK range
Peltier driven technology
Cascade PID control
Metrology performance

Download – Technical Data Sheets

thumbnail of Technical data sheet, 19’’ SERVER RACK AIR BATH, TK-19 R

19” server rack air bath

thumbnail of Technical data sheet, 19’’ SERVER RACK FLUID BATH, OB-19 R

19” server rack fluid bath




Mounting System for Temperature Sensors in Temperature and Climatic Chambers
Secure mounting for up to 11 temperature sensors
Adjustable stainless-steel mounting rods
Insulated temperature sensor mounts

Download – Technical Data Sheet

thumbnail of Technical data sheet SPIDER_2019