Non Contact Thermometer Calibrator

Based on feedback from users and existing in-house knowledge, we have developed an ideal tool to calibrate and verify ear as well as body surface thermometers.

The unit has all the know Kambic performance features as a bech top calibration bath an option to fit a single black body (dedicated for the ear or dedicated for the body surface) or a dual black body (dedicated to both ear and body surface).

Some dedicated highlights / features

  • Blackbody cavity with emissivity higher than 0.99 in a calibration fluid bath
  • Metrological uniformity and stability in mK range
  • Ready-to-fit reference PRT or SPRT for monitoring fluid stability
  • Temperature range: 30 ºC … 130 ºC (0 ºC … 130 ºC when connected to a circulating cooler)
  • Various standard and tailored blackbody cavity shapes available
  • Ready to run in bench top design

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